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Virtual learning is the perfect way to reach wider and new audiences without contributing to the environmental impact of physically touring work.  Todos teatrONLINE is an educational strand offering carbon footprint free programmes rooted in storytelling, focusing on eco-themes parallel to our shows, to facilitate development of creativity and language skills.


FREE Online Puppetry Week Programme

Did you know that our designer makes all our puppets and set from recycled materials?  Follow our step-by-step guide to creating ‘Rubbish Puppets’ and bringing them to life like a professional puppeteer.  All you need are materials that you will find around the house....

Session 1: How to make a ‘Rubbish Jellyfish.

Session 2: How to make a ‘Rubbish Fish.

Session 3: Underwater Movement.

Session 4: Bringing your puppet to life!

Session 5: Introducing your puppet.

All sessions are available on our Todos Teatro YouTube Channel.

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Creative Writing Online Package

This package focuses on creative writing to develop vocabulary, structure and imagination based on an ecological theme of your choice. The programme consists of 5 x 1 hour sessions and homework/ prep tasks tailored to the English language ability and number of participants involved....

Though this package is predominantly ‘writing’, these sessions also provide opportunity for participants to expand on their verbal communication skills. A selection of stories generated by the end of the programme will be performed by one of our performers on our Todos Teatro YouTube Channel.

Session 1: What is creative writing?
Aim: To investigate what makes an exciting story and learn about famous British writers.

Session 2: Exploring the theme.
Aim: To explore environmental crises as a starting point for discovering stimulus for writing as well as developing new vocabulary.

Session 3: What’s the story?
Aim: Based on ideas from the previous session, students will define and share the key idea they want to write about both verbally and in writing.

Session 4: How to Start Writing.
Aim: To learn how to approach writing a story focusing particularly on creating a plan and structure.

Session 5: Creating vivid stories.
Aim: To gain knowledge of basic literary techniques such as ‘adjectives’ in preparation to start writing.  Students will put into practice all that they have learned in these sessions and write their stories in homework/ prep time, approximately one week from Session 5.

To learn more or book an online Creative Writing Package, please get in touch via our CONTACT page.

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Stories from the group will be performed by Bethan Screen, Co-Artistic Director and Performer, on our YouTube Channel for the world to see!  Participants will also receive a digital English Creative Writing Certificate....

If you are interested in booking our Creative Writing Package please get in touch via our CONTACT page.

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Bedtime Stories Online

Bedtime Stories is a new initiative developed through our social media audience to engage young people in creative writing....

Remember our story about a turtle who gets caught in a storm and then gets washed onto a plastic island where a plastic monster lives?  TodosTeatrONLINE’s first ever virtual project, Bedtime Stories, platformed stories with an ‘under the sea’ theme written by our on and offline followers.  The story is performed by Bethan and a very special guest, our other star of Turtles Don’t Like Plastic, on our Todos Teatro YouTube Channel to help people across the globe get a good night’s sleep ready for the weekend.

Wanna try it?  You can still give this a go by following our handy Creative Writing Guide and ask a friend or family member to perform it!  For that extra ‘vavavoom’, we suggest checking out our ‘under the sea’ music on our Spotify Playlist to listen to and get you inspired as you create.  Don’t forget to give your story a title and perhaps an illustration or two too!

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